Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Killing Me Softly

Those words meant so much to me that night. I thought we had something "special." Your such a beautiful liar. You know how to say things that make my heart skip a beat. You were so sincere with those three words. I guess I should have realized you were a drunken fool. I still believe that you do have feelings for me. I mean you came back to me over and over again, when the truth of the matter is we were never together. It felt as if it was fate, as if we were meant to be. Then that other night when we were sitting in that room talking about how you hurt me the first time and you kept apologizing to me over and over again. You said if I was willing to try you were willing to try, but yet again that night you were drunk. I honestly want to believe that all the things you said that night were true. It breaks my heart because everything was just so convincing. I guess we both played a fool in this little game I like to call "love." You are the only one I ever loved, you are my first "love." It might all sound a little crazy bizzare becasue we were never an "item," but it's true everything I told you I meant it, you showed me how to love a person, and how to forget a person. Your killing me softly and I think you know how.